As Lubavitch Mechanchos, we strive to infuse our students with a Chayus and pride in our roots, and a real Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. This “Generations” CD is a one-of-a-kind project that will amazingly do just that. The children will enjoy these catchy songs and will surely sing them again and again, retaining the information for years to come. Every song is a treasure house of information on that Rebbe, carefully researched and organized. It’s a small investment on the school’s part that will yield great results and true Chassidishe Nachas.

Mrs. S. Mellul
Vice Principal
Beth Rivkah Academy, Montreal


שעות עבודה רבות והמון מחשבה הושקעו בשירים על הרביים, כדי להגיד לדיוק מירבי בתוכן, בהדגשת העיקר ושמירה על צורת שיר נאה ומקצועית.

לאחר ששמעתי את התלמידות שרות את השירים בהנאה רבה ובהתרגשות אני יכולה לומר בפה מלא שזהו מעט המחזיק את המרובה, וכדאי מאוד להעביר זאת לכל בתי ספר חב”ד ברחבי תבל, לבתי חב”ד, ולשלוחים.  זה יתרום רבות להתקשרות הבנות לאילנא דחיי’.

Many hours of work and much thought was invested in the songs, filling them with accurate, interesting content, emphasizing what’s most important while maintaining a nice and professional song.
After I heard the students sing the songs with great enthusiasm, I can confidently say that this is “מעט המחזיק את המרובה”, a small thing that contains a lot.
It would be well worth it spread this to all Chabad Schools, homes, and to the Shluchim worldwide.  This will greatly contribute to the girls’ Hiskashrus to the Rabbeim.

Mrs. S. Wilenkin
Curriculum Coordinator
Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights


Amazing!!!  This is a work done to the fullest! So  totally professional and beautifully done! I’m so excited for my daughters to learn songs so packed with chassidishe facts! What a treat! It’s a must-have for every home and classroom!

Thank you for sharing this with us!
Mrs. Chana Friedman
Teacher and mother
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh


…At first, I was sort of uneasy because I have a very difficult experience with memorizing anything at all. Thanks to Miss C. Blau, who showed us how much easier it is to memorize information in a song than any other way, I am doing exceedingly well in her class and without difficulty receiving hundreds.
I also took part in the recording of the songs, and enjoyed it immensely.
Believe it or not, I am proud to say that I know nearly all of the רביים songs by heart! I am and will almost certainly be forever indebted to my wonderful teacher who added tremendously to the secure foundation of my education that is being strengthened every day.
E. Procaccia
Bais Rivkah Eighth Grade


This CD is a wonderful tool to help teach and learn a whole range of facts about all of the Rebbeim – the lyrics are catchy and simple enough to learn by heart, and the song is cleverly put to a niggun from the Rebbe it’s about, tying the whole thing together in an organized way.

Miss. S. Epstein
LGHS Chicago
I had been wanting to teach my students and campers more about the Rebbe’s life and mivtzoyim goals for a while, but I couldn’t find the right medium. The Chabad Generations songs that were recently published by C. Blau was my answer.
I found them to encompass all of the key facts about the Rebbe that I wanted to portray. With such educational lyrics, packed with information and chassidishe varmkeit, i had the outline of my curriculum in place. Creating lessons to move through the lyrics and teach the vast content that was neatly fit into the great rhyme was a real pleasure.
Best of all was the feedback from the campers and parents. The campers caught right on to the catchy, rhyming lyrics that sing to each Rebbe’s niggun. The CD made the song-learning all the easier and more enjoyable. Campers expressed so much excitement in the learning and memorizing process. Parents and other teachers remarked that they heard the students singing these songs in their spare time.
If you are looking to make Toldos Chabad a real learning experience, filled with information and excitement, then this is the answer!
Miss M. Zaltzman
Teacher / Learning Director
BCM Toronto / Crown Heights